My 29th Birthday

Today is My 29th birthday, and with this mind set I’ve now completed 29 years of the unknown, 10,592 days of intense learning and i now look forward to many more years of uncertainties, surprises of this beautiful unknown of life, but with the knowledge I’ve acquired I now know that no matter how dark the night may be, it will never stop the rise of our morning sun, and even when by circumstances i find myself sitting with no-one by my side, on a different city, state or country i’m never alone, I’m alive and I’m loved, and in the End is all that matters its all I’m searching for, to be and to feel alive, to love and to be loved.

I will continue my journey on this mysterious path of life with a Happy Spirit,”🎼 Because..Every…Little… 🎼” and each and every day I will find myself wiser and stronger to face head on this life that beckons me to explore and savor its finest moments with the purpose for me to do GOOD, to be BETTER, Till i can be my BEST.

Thank you for taken your time to think about me either be today or any other day, Thank you if you’ve called, texted, or used social media, or even if you didn’t because of your busy schedule didn’t allow u to, I trully understand, but if for a minute i did cross your mind its enough for me, to know I’m alive and loved and for that I THANK YOU !! #Happy-April-6-2016 AKA #MyBirthday

My 29th birthday


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