I was on TV (Mãe To Na Globo!)

Mãe To Na Globo!!!


I was on TV (Mãe To Na Globo!), this is a common shout out sentence in Brazil while at major soccer Games and other Televised social Gathering, Globo is a Powerhouse Media Company in Brazil and with-in all Brazilian community all around the world, the sentence means “Mom I’m on Globo” and is shouted by many who struggle to get their 5 minutes of fame whenever registered at a social event or any other media outlet, well fortunately i didn’t have to shout at least not with my vocal cords to get my 5 minutes of “Globo”. If you know me either in person or just on-line, you most likely know that i founded a Design Agency on the heart of the world and one of my favorite cities the beautiful city of New York, named Pixalies, (legal Name Pixalies Design Inc) and on Saturday, November 9th, 2012 Pixalies was featured on a TV Show for the Brazilian TV network “Globo”. The name of the show is “Planeta Brazil”, which shows how Brazilians live outside Brazil. It shares their struggles and successes at building lives in a foreign culture, and since 2 of members Pixalies were from Brazilian decent (Me and Oliver Fernandes), we were a perfect fit for the show, which aired on saturday the 9th and on sunday the 10th. The show was broadcasted to over 105 countries, including the US. right now is only in Portuguese, but I am currently working on english subtitles.=)


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